Courageous kindergartner battles back from multiple open heart surgeries

Starting school was the furthest thing from Anita Brainard’s mind as she reflected on her son Rian’s life to this point – 4 open heart surgeries, multiple setbacks and recoveries, visions of him with oxygen tubes and other breathing treatment devices, and countless hospital visits all before his fifth birthday.

In the eye of the beholder

On our way to see Rebekah after surgery, I reminded myself over and over of the things we had been told to expect. I knew we would see the ventilator, our not so good friend from her NICU days. I knew we would see IV lines (a peripheral IV, a femoral arterial line, and a […]

Stopping a beating heart

I’ve always loved reading. From the time I was little I have read anything I could get my hands on…books, magazines, ingredients in food, drinks, and even things like shampoo bottles. Really, as long as there are words, I am reading. Unfortunately, that sometimes leaves me knowing more about things than I necessarily would like […]

Playing poker on surgery day

The day of Bekah’s heart surgery went much more quickly than I expected. We arrived at admitting a little after 6 a.m., met our parents, brothers and pastor, dropped them off at the fourth floor waiting area and took Bekah to the new pre-surgery area.   All of Bekah’s vitals were checked, and we met with […]

Consultation about heart surgery brings reassurance

A few weeks ago Dr. Vande Kappelle called to tell us that someone would be getting in touch with us to schedule a consultation for Bekah’s heart surgery.  He explained that we would meet with one or both surgeons (Dr. Smith and Dr. Spector) and plan a time for the operation, and that the operation […]