In the eye of the beholder


On our way to see Rebekah after surgery, I reminded myself over and over of the things we had been told to expect. I knew we would see the ventilator, our not so good friend from her NICU days. I knew we would see IV lines (a peripheral IV, a femoral arterial line, and a […]

Stopping a beating heart

Bekah on the day of surgery

I’ve always loved reading. From the time I was little I have read anything I could get my hands on…books, magazines, ingredients in food, drinks, and even things like shampoo bottles. Really, as long as there are words, I am reading. Unfortunately, that sometimes leaves me knowing more about things than I necessarily would like […]

Playing poker on surgery day

Praying before Rebekah's surgery

The day of Bekah’s heart surgery went much more quickly than I expected. We arrived at admitting a little after 6 a.m., met our parents, brothers and pastor, dropped them off at the fourth floor waiting area and took Bekah to the new pre-surgery area.   All of Bekah’s vitals were checked, and we met with […]

Consultation about heart surgery brings reassurance

Pediatric heart surgeon Phil Smith examines Bekah while her parents observe

A few weeks ago Dr. Vande Kappelle called to tell us that someone would be getting in touch with us to schedule a consultation for Bekah’s heart surgery.  He explained that we would meet with one or both surgeons (Dr. Smith and Dr. Spector) and plan a time for the operation, and that the operation […]