Fighting epilepsy and ‘always looking for ways to get a smile’

Dr. Tom Enlow

The Epilepsy Association will present its Legacy Award to Dr. Tom Enlow at a gala event in Cleveland. The award recognizes his outstanding support of children and families affected by epilepsy.

Teen brain more vulnerable to sports hits

Teen brain takes biggest sports hits

Any parent who has raised a child to adulthood knows the teenage brain is, well, different. This anecdotal evidence continues to be backed by research, including a recent study that shows teens are more vulnerable to the long-term effects of head injury. The study findings, published in the journal Brain Injury, followed 96 male athletes […]

Meet Dr. Cohen – Pediatric Neurologist and Renowned Mitochondrial Disease Expert

Bruce Cohen, MD, director of Pediatric Neurology at Akron Children's

In this year’s TV campaign, we’ve turned the camera on our doctors, so you can see how intensely they care for every child – and family – they treat. One of these doctors is Bruce H. Cohen. He’s the division director of Neurology at Akron Children’s Hospital. Dr. Cohen specializes in researching and treating mitochondrial […]