A day in the life: Physical therapist

Eleven-year-old Ethan stands outside his door, eagerly awaiting physical therapist Meghan Smolk. The minute he spots her, he dashes back into his room, running around frantically to find his shoes and gather his laundry to drop off on the way to the gym.

3D motion analysis helping athletes take their game to the next level [Video]

Are you wondering how to take your young athlete’s game to the next level? Is your child struggling to find the right rhythm for his swing, pitch, jump or serve? Is pain limiting her endurance, accuracy or speed? Akron Children’s Hospital’s Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation Department offers sports performance and training analysis to help your athlete enhance […]

It’s time to hug your physical therapist

October is National Physical Therapy Awareness month. I never realized how unaware I was of the effectiveness of physical therapy before Baby Jude. But I have become an advocate of the profound impact that physical therapy can have, especially in early intervention. Before Jude, I thought physical therapy was for old folks who were working in […]