Virtual 5K: Support the 2nd annual Emily’s Sparkle Sprint

Twelve-year-old Emily Kungli plans to raise as much money as she can for the 2nd annual Emily’s Sparkle Sprint. Named in her honor, this year’s event has taken the online route and become a virtual 5k to raise funds for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Akron Children’s Hospital (PICU).

Palliative care eases the burden for Akron family

In the spring of 2013, Sandi and David Cleavenger anxiously awaited the birth of their first child. Jack arrived prematurely, and soon after, his parents learned he had a problem with his heart. He was also born with Down syndrome. The couple was shocked by the news.

Harper celebrates her first birthday

A whole year has gone by. When I think back to this day a year ago, I didn’t know anything about Harper’s awesomeness before she was born. I remember so many emotions that day: nervousness, excitedness, sadness. I was all over the place. If there was anything I could change, I would make sure I had seen my baby before they told me she had Down syndrome and a heart defect.

Discharge day: Thankful for miracle baby’s medical team

Feb. 4, 2015, was a monumental day in our family’s lives. Kandice Jean Ramsey turned 5 months old and her journey at Akron Children’s Hospital ended. She went home!

Change Bandit Spotlight: Finally home and helping others

Born 3 months premature, Savannah weighed a mere 1 lb. 2 oz. and was 11.5 inches in length. She spent the first 109 days of her life in the NICU at Aultman Hospital. On Oct. 21, she came home on oxygen and an NG feeding tube. On Jan. 19, 2014, she aspirated, and by the end of the day, she was admitted to the PICU at Akron Children’s for what would be 120 days.

Saving Saige – Akron Children’s doctors find heart defect in the nick of time

Dr. Kathryn Helmuth, an Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics (ACHP) physician, who was rounding in the nursery, heard a murmur in a newborn that caused her some concern. The baby was diagnosed with a condition called pulmonary atresia.