Understanding the mechanics of Tashaun Gipson’s recent knee injury

After watching Cleveland Browns’ Tashaun Gipson take a hard blow to the knee in Sunday’s game, I wanted to discuss how slight differences in mechanics can cause major differences in outcomes.

Many times, the most significant knee injuries occur when a player’s foot is planted on the ground. That’s a classic case for torn ACLs.

Study proves sports offer young women a winning future

In a recently released study, I was thrilled to see there are significant advantages for young women who play sports. Not only does exercise improve a young woman’s health, but it also prepares her for victory in the future.

Concussions didn’t cause deaths of high school football players

It was a tragic week in high school football nationally: 3 deaths in 4 days. The causes were due to brain bleeds, not concussions. Concussions don’t cause bleeding or swelling in the brain. While it’s a scary situation, it’s important to understand the facts.

Preliminary results show positive effects from the ongoing concussion debate

I’d like to think sport officials, physicians and organizations alike have done a good job collectively in heightening awareness around concussions. Even when there are setbacks like in this past weekend’s Michigan game, where a player took a vicious hit and was stumbling around, yet remained in the game for another play or 2.

Hip dislocation could cause major complications for Baltimore Ravens Dennis Pitta

In last Sunday’s Browns game, Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta took what appeared to be a minor tumble after catching a screen pass in the backfield. But when the “meat wagon” came out on the field, I knew it was something more serious like a hip dislocation.

Rib injuries can be tricky to diagnose, take time to heal

In high-intensity, contact sports like hockey and football, rib injuries can be a common occurrence. Thankfully, Cleveland Browns players have skirted these injuries in recent years, but rookie receiver Sammy Watkins of the Buffalo Bills suffered through one in mid August.