Childhood infection rears its ugly head in the NHL

Ryan Suter of the Minnesota Wild is one of the NHL hockey players out with mumps.

I was shocked to see that the NHL is battling an outbreak of mumps — yes, the mumps. It’s a disease from my generation’s childhood that we in the medical community thought was kaput. Not so. It has affected a handful of teams, taking players completely off the ice for up to a week.

New overuse injury impacts young pitchers


Dr. Christopher Liebig, a sports medicine specialist at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the importance of pitch counts and proper mechanics for young pitchers on a recent WFMJ-TV news segment.

Understanding the mechanics of Tashaun Gipson’s recent knee injury

Tashaun Gipson is carted off the field after his knee injury.

After watching Cleveland Browns’ Tashaun Gipson take a hard blow to the knee in Sunday’s game, I wanted to discuss how slight differences in mechanics can cause major differences in outcomes.

Many times, the most significant knee injuries occur when a player’s foot is planted on the ground. That’s a classic case for torn ACLs.

Can toe injuries really sideline players?


Turf toe and Lisfranc fractures, a similar injury, are a big deal. Because athletes put so much pressure on the ball of their foot, when that joint wears out and there’s no stability, players can’t push off, sprint or change direction. And without these moves, they aren’t gonna play.

FDA investigates for overuse and abuse of painkillers in the NFL

NFL player

FDA officials spent the weekend in NFL locker rooms investigating several teams regarding the abuse of painkillers in the league. In May, a lawsuit was filed by 1,200 NFL players depicting a disturbing cycle of narcotic cocktails being handed out like candy before and after games to encourage play.

Athletes chant “hip, hip hooray” for the latest in hip surgery

Hip Arthroscopy

There’s a hot new trend in hip surgery called hip arthroscopy that’s helping athletes avoid hip replacements later in life. And the good news is it’s a relatively simple surgery, so the complications and recovery time are minimal.