Petie the Pony makes a day in the hospital much brighter for our patients and staff

It is not without some heroic effort on the behalf of the staff at Victory Gallop that Petie the Pony makes his weekly hospital visits. But every ounce of energy expended to prepare the half miniature horse, half pony is paid off in smiles, giggles and parental gratitude.

Jane and Jude’s growing and changing a mixed bag

It seems like forever since I have taken pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be. It’s not because I didn’t think about blogging, it’s not because I haven’t wanted to blog, it’s not because I haven’t had anything to blog about. Quite on the contrary. It’s because, the 2 main subjects of this blog, Jane and Jude, have been sucking every hour out of every day and every minute of every hour with all things, good, tough, new, old, fun, challenging, happy, frightening and ultimately fulfilling.

2011 – A year of lessons learned Courtesy of Janey Bug & Baby Jude

1.  The beginning of a new year can be as exciting as closing the door on a rough one. 2011 was a long year, many changes, many lessons learned, and many happy times too.  As grateful as I am that 2011 was as blessed as it was, I am equally grateful that it is over. The first […]

Giddy Up! I found the perfect support group

Since our journey with Baby Jude began, I have been invited to several support groups. (P.S. When you are repeatedly given a flyer listing a support group date and time, it just might be a hint that you should attend. Thank you, Help Me Grow Tim. You are nothing if not subtle.) I tried it. I […]

Petie’s back in the saddle again

After a long winter hiatus, our patients welcomed Petie the Pony and his handlers at Victory Gallop with open arms. Today, Petie was mobbed by kids when he arrived at the nursing station in our school-age inpatient unit, all hankering to get their hands on a horse with which they can see eye to eye. […]