Controversial debate: When should soccer players begin to head the ball?

New research came out recently that’s stirring the pot as to when kids should start heading the ball in soccer. The fierce debate has cut the medical field right down the middle.

Concussion diagnosis still not foolproof

With the recent news of Browns’ quarterback Josh McCown suffering a concussion in the season-opener against the New York Jets, I wanted to discuss the difficulty in diagnosing concussions. It’s especially a challenge in the college and high school settings where staffs and budgets are significantly smaller.

Vertigo, dizziness can point to life-threatening conditions

When you hear about dizziness in young athletes, they may be pointing to life-threatening conditions, such as a tumor or heart problem. A complete workup is necessary to rule these things out before a diagnosis of vertigo can be made.

Summer is time to get your sports physicals

With summer in full swing, now is the ideal time to get your preseason sports physical. Don’t wait until the day before practice starts because 15 percent of the time we find a medical issue that needs to be addressed.

Elbow injuries continue to skyrocket among elite pitchers

With baseball buzz afoot as we anxiously awaited the Indians’ home opener, there was a lot of discussion about the increasing numbers of UCL injuries, or elbow injuries, in MLB star pitchers. Last year, Major League Baseball reported 12 ulnar collateral tears in March alone and a total of 30 for the season.

Physicians skip to a new beat when treating common overuse foot injuries in dancers

Spring has sprung, and that means dance performances abound. Unfortunately, that also means so do overuse injuries from practicing moves over and over again to perfect them.