Jordan’s big surgery day

The anticipated day of Jordan’s surgery finally came. Randy and I could only pray that God would help lessen our anxiety as we entered the world of a major surgery followed by an intense recovery.

Bekka Plant

A new adventure — an MRI

Bekah is going for an MRI, and I really think Chris and I are the ones who should be sedated for it instead of her. You may think that a simple brain MRI to check Bekah’s eyes would not be a big deal after dealing with open heart surgery, and yet I still found myself awake, not necessarily worrying, but thinking.

Pieces of aluminum foil that can be shaped into smoking devices.

Hidden in plain sight: Signs that your teen may be using drugs

Ohio is under siege as opiate addiction kills as many as 5 people every day. In fact, Ohio has the 12th highest heroin overdose rate in the country, according to the nonprofit Trust for America’s Health. Often considered a suburban epidemic, heroin use crosses all demographics. And the hike in heroin use has hit young people ages 18 to 25 the hardest.