Counting down to cast-off day

I’m not sure what I had expected after Jordan’s hip surgery, but it’s been a crazy ride. We tried to prepare the house for Jordan’s homecoming. I researched on different blogs and looked for suggestions on Pinterest. I watched videos about how to care for him to maybe get some insight for what to expect and where our journey would take us next.

Jordan with nurse

Journey after surgery

After Jordan’s hip and ankle surgery, he seemed to be doing well and was transported to the 5600 unit. The first night was difficult. He woke up with pain in his hip and under his upper right arm, which we later contributed to his spica cast pushing on his ribs.


Is long distance running bad for my child’s knees?

That first sunny, spring day is an exciting time to lace up the running shoes and hit the track, road or trail. Not only can running feel good, but the health benefits are well known. It improves cardiovascular function, lowers body mass index (BMI), increases bone density, and decreases risk of stroke and high blood pressure. It also has positive effects on our mental health and mood.