At Akron Children’s, we believe in the power of personal stories to provide support and inspiration. We encourage you to share how we’ve touched you and your family, and by doing so, allow our online community to learn from your experiences.

Proud to be independent

Jordan and his lil sis, Gabriella

Independent is becoming our new word, or should I say, “I do it myself, mommy!”

Take Kheira’s birthday card challenge

Kheira and her service dog

Kheira’s service dog passed away unexpectedly on her 13th birthday last year. She’ll get a new dog in January 2015. This year for Kheira’s birthday we want to fill the absence of her best friend and most valued helper with birthday cards. Her birthday is Dec. 14.

Son falls asleep while getting stitches

Special sunglasses

The night before Thanksgiving, our 5-year-old son had fallen and hit his face on a coffee table while playing a game of tag with his friends. He got a cut right under his nose. We waited, unsure whether he would need stitches or not. If we had to go we were not looking forward to the crying that we were sure would ensue if we told him we were going.

Son’s difficulty in swallowing leads to feeding tube

William Rose

When my son William was 6 months old he was diagnosed with dysphagia. In August of this year, Dr. Albert put tubes in his ears and removed his adenoids. Dr. Albert was hoping that removing the adenoids would help with the dysphagia.

Tears of joy after seeing our son pink for the first time after open heart surgery


One year ago around 8 a.m. we handed our son Jonathan at 10 months old, over to his heart surgeon for his second open heart surgery. When the surgeon came to talk to us about the surgery, they told us our son was pink. Tears came falling down, tears of relief.

Surgeons reshape baby’s skull to correct rare form of craniosynostosis


Renae Kovacs may have been born without a soft spot, but her surgeons sure have a soft spot for her. Renae has a rare condition, called trigoncephaly metopic craniosynostosis, that causes the plates of a baby’s skull to fuse together too early to give the brain room to grow properly. Typical babies have a soft spot that allows room for growth.