At Akron Children’s, we believe in the power of personal stories to provide support and inspiration. We encourage you to share how we’ve touched you and your family, and by doing so, allow our online community to learn from your experiences.

No time for everyday aches and pains for Howland boy during “Pilot for a Day” experience

Ethan Hofmann is Pilot for a Day

For Ethan Hoffman, there’s something about slipping on a flight suit that seems to make the everyday aches and pains go away – at least for a few hours. The 12-year-old Howland resident, who’s being treated at Akron Children’s Hospital for Bartter’s syndrome, a rare and incurable kidney disease, and his parents were treated to […]

Newborn screen to detect congenital heart defects saves lives

Taylor Lightner

Brittani Hill credits her daughter’s life to Ohio’s newest addition to its newborn screening law, which requires the use of pulse oximetry to detect critical congenital heart disease. Her daughter, Taylor Lightner, seemed normal at birth but nurses at Alliance Community Hospital questioned the newborn’s oxygen level when doing the newly required test. Taylor was sent […]

Toddler undergoes 51 surgeries, beats many odds


At 3 years old Blake Riggs has faced more challenging and complex medical conditions than most people face in a lifetime. He’s had more than 51 surgeries, and the majority has been to his brain. Blake is a fighter, but it hasn’t been easy. Born on July 19, 2012, Blake was diagnosed at birth with […]

Day rehab program helps Jordan move forward by leaps and bounds

Megs and Jordan visit with Victory Gallop volunteer Toril and Petie the Pony

Jordan has officially hit the ground running (with his braces and walker) in Akron Children’s day rehab program, which we call Muscle School. We are beyond blessed to have a program that will allow children to receive such an extensive amount of therapy after surgery. Dr. Baird first mentioned it when we met in January. […]

Student inspires many along his journey to high school graduation


A lot of people in Brandon’s situation would feel sorry for themselves. But Brandon takes all of his challenges in stride, helping and inspiring everyone around him.

Living with congenital cataracts


In 2011 I gave birth to my second child via emergency C-section at 39 weeks gestation. Besides some delivery complications, Ryder, at 8 lbs., 7 oz., seemed to be a healthy baby boy. His pediatrician came in the room and told us that Ryder was diagnosed with congenital cataracts, a very rare condition to be […]