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A team approach to caring for Bartter syndrome

Ethan Hoffman with Dr. Guru at his pediatrician's office in Warren

May is Bartter Syndrome Awareness Month in Ohio, thanks to 11-year-old Ethan Hoffman who went to Columbus last year to raise awareness about the serious medical condition. Ethan had been diagnosed at age 4 with Bartter syndrome, a rare group of conditions that affect his kidneys. If undiagnosed or untreated, it can lead to kidney failure or cardiac arrest.

Lifelong bonds form in NICU

Tailyn and Bekah

Friends come about in all sorts of ways. Some grow up together because their parents are friends, some we meet at school or church or the park. Sometimes, in the midst of life, young or old, we end up with people who have things in common with us. We share friends or interests that repeat often enough that we can’t seem to escape knowing one another.

Building on our dream for an accessible home

Randy and Jordan staking out land for new home

While navigating through Jordan’s major hip and ankle surgery, we’re in the process of trying to sell our current home and searching for grants to assist with building a handicap-accessible home.

Foot surgery is step in right direction


My son, Carter, had major surgery in October of 2014 to help correct his feet, which turned outward. Carter had been self conscious about his condition and his knees were starting to hurt from it. His surgeons Dr. Riley and Dr. Adamczyk performed bi-rotational osteotomies of his fibula.

After scary and uncertain beginning, NICU grad celebrates 10th birthday


Gabriel was already 8 days late when the doctors decided to induce my labor. Since he was my second child and my first had also been induced, I wasn’t concerned. However, after a while, we realized this was not going to be as smooth as the last delivery. After an emergency C-section, Gabe was …

Living with a bleeding disorder is a family affair


Fathers and their little girls often share a special bond. For Geoff Miller and his daughter, Samantha, that bond also includes sharing the same rare blood disorder. When Geoff was a newborn, his parents discovered he had factor 9 deficiency, also known as hemophilia B, an inherited bleeding …