Following Your Heart is a blog by Sarah Plant. She shares her experience as a first-time mom whose daughter was born with a congenital heart defect. Sarah lives in Mineral Ridge, Ohio, in Trumbull County with her husband, Christopher, their daughter, Rebekah, and their rabbit, Gussie. She is a former high school English teacher.

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Lifelong bonds form in NICU

Tailyn and Bekah

Friends come about in all sorts of ways. Some grow up together because their parents are friends, some we meet at school or church or the park. Sometimes, in the midst of life, young or old, we end up with people who have things in common with us. We share friends or interests that repeat often enough that we can’t seem to escape knowing one another.

A new adventure — an MRI

Bekka Plant

Bekah is going for an MRI, and I really think Chris and I are the ones who should be sedated for it instead of her. You may think that a simple brain MRI to check Bekah’s eyes would not be a big deal after dealing with open heart surgery, and yet I still found myself awake, not necessarily worrying, but thinking.

Celebrating hearts in March


We think about hearts a lot here at our house. In fact, while everyone else celebrates hearts in February, we reserve most of our excitement for March 6, Happy Heart Day, the day of Bekah’s open heart surgery.

Cherishing our special memories every day


Until Bekah and Sam arrived, I was unaware of just how short time can be. Now, I am sometimes brutally aware that there are small, seemingly insignificant moments that I’d like to remember forever.

It’s birthday time

Bekah on her new birthday bike

Four years ago we were struggling with infertility, and the idea that we may never have the chance to be parents was very real, and very sad. Then, 3 years ago Bekah was born and we learned the fast and cold truth that not every baby is born a warm and cuddly bundle of joy.

Weekend full of radiothon, fundraising walks, and teddy bear caravan


For most families the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest of the year. I’ll admit, we’re usually fairly busy then too, but nothing compares to the hectic rush of the middle of September.