The sleep of innocence


Bekah is asleep right now, and if I wasn’t sure the flash of light would wake her, I’d take a picture of how incredibly adorable she is. Tonight is the first time she took something to bed with her.

Bekah-proofing Sam


I’ve recently come to the realization that babyproofing with a 2 year old in the house is a nearly impossible task. You’d think that since Sam is baby number 2 to come through the house we’d have everything totally babyproofed already.

At 6 months, Sam’s an eater, even with his allergy to cow milk proteins


Now that Sam is 6 months old, Bekah finally has something new to say when people ask her about her brother. Thank goodness. Her old standby had been a description of how he ate, with a brief period where she told everyone about his “boy parts,” which once even led to a discussion of how many different words for her own parts she had.

End-of-life planning protects your children


Recently, when we were seeing what has been going on in the lives of the other mom bloggers, I noticed a post about end-of-life planning. I’m not sure if it was that or the Easter season in general, but suddenly I realized that we have been slacking. We hadn’t added Sam to our will.

Bekah LOVES getting blood work done

Smiling while she waits at Dr. Lawhon's office.

After an unpleasant (thanks to an unruly toddler) trip to the eye doctor in January, I was not looking forward to our most recent visit with Dr. Lawhon.

Remembering the peace of heart surgery 2 years later

Moving the chair to reach more.

Two years ago I spent four of the most peaceful hours of my life sitting in the surgical waiting area of Akron Children’s Hospital. To this day I am surprised each time I look back at just how at ease I felt during the time Rebekah was undergoing open heart surgery.