Labor of Love is a blog by Megs Pollock. She shares her experience as a first-time mom whose son was diagnosed with spina bifida before he was born. Megs lives in Seville, Ohio, with her husband, Randy, their son, Jordan, and their Yorkie Shitzu mix, Sasha.

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Day rehab program helps Jordan move forward by leaps and bounds

Megs and Jordan visit with Victory Gallop volunteer Toril and Petie the Pony

Jordan has officially hit the ground running (with his braces and walker) in Akron Children’s day rehab program, which we call Muscle School. We are beyond blessed to have a program that will allow children to receive such an extensive amount of therapy after surgery. Dr. Baird first mentioned it when we met in January. […]

3-2-1 Cast off


We had been counting down and looking forward to Jordan’s big day of having his cast removed. Neither Randy nor I have ever had a cast or experienced seeing one removed so we were interested to see how Jordan’s little body would be set free. Will, an orthopedic tech, came in and explained how the machine would work as it would cut the cast but not his skin.

Building on our dream for an accessible home

Randy and Jordan staking out land for new home

While navigating through Jordan’s major hip and ankle surgery, we’re in the process of trying to sell our current home and searching for grants to assist with building a handicap-accessible home.

Counting down to cast-off day


I’m not sure what I had expected after Jordan’s hip surgery, but it’s been a crazy ride. We tried to prepare the house for Jordan’s homecoming. I researched on different blogs and looked for suggestions on Pinterest. I watched videos about how to care for him to maybe get some insight for what to expect and where our journey would take us next.

Journey after surgery

Jordan with nurse

After Jordan’s hip and ankle surgery, he seemed to be doing well and was transported to the 5600 unit. The first night was difficult. He woke up with pain in his hip and under his upper right arm, which we later contributed to his spica cast pushing on his ribs.

Jordan’s big surgery day

The anticipated day of Jordan’s surgery finally came. Randy and I could only pray that God would help lessen our anxiety as we entered the world of a major surgery followed by an intense recovery.