Jordan’s Myelo Clinic visit full of joy and laughter

Randy and Jordan

I’m not sure if looking forward or anxiously awaiting is the correct phrase to describe how we felt going into our Myelo Clinic appointment in June. Our last was in December so we were ready to see what our doctors had to say about our little man’s progress.

Getting ready for P2

Megs, Jordan and Randy

Our dream has been to expand our little family. However after having a child who needs extra care, it caused us to wonder when would be the fair time to Jordan to add to our family.

Navigating the waters with Jordan

Jordan doing aqua therapy

Jordan has been growing a little more each day. His language skills are blooming, mobility improving, and he’s becoming more involved in services that are provided to kids who may need a little more assistance blooming into who they are.

Peanut update: Making many more strides toward important milestones


We’ve had some small steps for our little man over the past few months. During our physical therapy visit on Jan. 26 Jordan took his first steps while using his walker all by his big boy self.

2 years ago, a prenatal ultrasound revealed lil Peanut’s spina bifida

Randy holds Jordan

This month marks our 2-year Spina Bifida birthday. Getting that diagnosis during our 20-week prenatal visit was the most scary, overwhelming, uncertain, difficult moment I’ve faced so far in our lives.

Jordan’s surgery for ear tubes and to remove his adenoids goes off without a hitch

Megs pulls Jordan in a wagon several hours after the surgery.

Last week we were faced with our first surgery for Jordan since his back closure and the insertion of his vp shunt in his little head that leads to his stomach cavity. After our visit with Dr. Anton Milo (Jordan’s ear, nose and throat doctor), he suggested removing Jordan’s adenoid and placing tubes in his sweet little ears.