Sibling Revelry: Jordan dotes on little Gabby Gi Gi


God has graced us with 2 amazing kiddos. I am overwhelmed by watching Jordan smother his little “Gabbi, Gi Gi” with hugs and kisses. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t ask to hold his sister. Then looking at little Gabriella gaze at her hero causes me to pray that these times only increase with age.

Unexpected ER visit leads to shunt revision


Christmas has always taken on a special meaning in our family. Of course, children give a different prospective as well. We have tried to bring the true meaning of Christmas in our home.

Finding the right wheels for Jordan’s motor


Jordan continues to grow into his own little person, daily. His language is one of our favorite pieces of this puzzle. His words have turned into short sentences and his sentences conversation followed by myriad facial expressions.

With hope of a VBAC, we soon welcomed our newest family addition


This pregnancy has been such a different experience than the one we experienced with Jordan. I’m sure that every experience is different for every child because of our uniqueness.

Enjoying our family of 3, while waiting on P2


Our time of waiting is coming to a close as we have prepared to meet the newest family member, P2. It’s been an interesting journey this time around as we’ve been preparing in a different way.

Lean on me


I know we all have friends and family who are willing to be supportive throughout our journey, but it seems when you find other families that have a child with special needs, a connection is made that doesn’t usually happen.