Living with congenital cataracts


In 2011 I gave birth to my second child via emergency C-section at 39 weeks gestation. Besides some delivery complications, Ryder, at 8 lbs., 7 oz., seemed to be a healthy baby boy. His pediatrician came in the room and told us that Ryder was diagnosed with congenital cataracts, a very rare condition to be […]

Palliative care eases the burden for Akron family


In the spring of 2013, Sandi and David Cleavenger anxiously awaited the birth of their first child. Jack arrived prematurely, and soon after, his parents learned he had a problem with his heart. He was also born with Down syndrome. The couple was shocked by the news.

Poland girl shares “Pilot for a Day” experience with Air Force veteran grandfather

Pilot for a Day Celina Dennis

You can’t blame Celina Dennis for having a hard time pinpointing the best part of her “Pilot for a Day” experience at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station this week. Since June 2000, the Pilot for a Day program has given more than 60 children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses an opportunity to meet Reservists and receive a VIP, behind-the-scenes air base experience.

3-2-1 Cast off


We had been counting down and looking forward to Jordan’s big day of having his cast removed. Neither Randy nor I have ever had a cast or experienced seeing one removed so we were interested to see how Jordan’s little body would be set free. Will, an orthopedic tech, came in and explained how the machine would work as it would cut the cast but not his skin.

A team approach to caring for Bartter syndrome

Ethan Hoffman with Dr. Guru at his pediatrician's office in Warren

May is Bartter Syndrome Awareness Month in Ohio, thanks to 11-year-old Ethan Hoffman who went to Columbus last year to raise awareness about the serious medical condition. Ethan had been diagnosed at age 4 with Bartter syndrome, a rare group of conditions that affect his kidneys. If undiagnosed or untreated, it can lead to kidney failure or cardiac arrest.

Lifelong bonds form in NICU

Tailyn and Bekah

Friends come about in all sorts of ways. Some grow up together because their parents are friends, some we meet at school or church or the park. Sometimes, in the midst of life, young or old, we end up with people who have things in common with us. We share friends or interests that repeat often enough that we can’t seem to escape knowing one another.