At Akron Children’s, we believe in the power of personal stories to provide support and inspiration. We encourage you to share how we’ve touched you and your family, and by doing so, allow our online community to learn from your experiences.

Jayden’s touchdown

My son Jayden has been coming to Akron Children’s since 2004. I wanted to share this video with you. It was posted by a parent of one of my son’s teammates on my social media page and had 4k views in less than 24 hours.

No one expects their child to start out with a broken heart

My daughter, Meredith Grace, was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot when she was 4 days old. Dr. Bockoven told us that we were now a part of the Akron Children’s Family. I remember telling him I’m sure that was wonderful, but it was also the last thing I wanted to hear.

For this ultimate ‘Full House’ fan, the goal is to live life to the fullest

Whenever 17-year-old Lexi Krosky fires up an episode of Full House on her iPad, she knows it makes her happy. She is the ultimate Full House fan and cannot be beat when it comes to trivia about plot lines, the characters and the stars who portray them. Before the iPad, she wore through several DVD sets of the complete series.

As Kylie Rose kicks cancer, grandfather pens her story to help others

Kylie Rose Kickin’ Cancer is a 26-page paperback featuring illustrations by Bree Young and photos of Kylie and some of her own thoughts. For example, next to a photo of Kylie undergoing radiation is a note in her own handwriting which says, “I had to stay still.”

Dream becomes reality with new handicapped-accessible home

This will definitely be a summer for the books. After spending the summer building our handicapped-accessible home, we’re sharing it with others during the Medina Parade of Homes.

Baby Isaiah’s clubfoot is in the best of hands

Over the course of his career, pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Schrader has treated hundreds of children with clubfoot. So some might say it was ironic when his daughter, Laura Dickson, pregnant with his first grandchild, told him her baby, Isaiah, would be born with clubfoot.