A cut even super mom can’t heal ends in dinosaurs and smiles


My 3 year old cut his thumb playing outside. It took me 2 seconds to realize this is beyond super mom healing and we headed to Akron Children’s ER in Hudson. We had NO wait, NO hassle, nothing!

Baby Jackson battles against the odds with heart (Video)

Jackson Straits

Jackson Straits has defied the odds. Diagnosed with non-immune fetal hydrops at 27 weeks gestation, this often fatal form of prenatal heart failure caused Jackson to develop fluid around his heart. Strong family faith along with the care of 3 Akron Children’s specialists came together to give him the best chance at life.

The road leading to the light at the end of the tunnel

Yellow headband

From sepsis to open heart surgery to getting the breathing tube removed, a lot has happened to Harper Cunningham in the weeks she has been in the PICU.

Akron Children’s PICU became a home away from home

Savannah with Dr. Vivek.

Our little miracle, Savannah, or as she would come to be known by her nickname, Savvy G, was born last July weighing a mere 1 lb., 2 oz. On Jan. 19, she aspirated fluids into her lungs and we took her to Akron Children’s Hospital.

Kent girl will take her zest for life to visit Capitol Hill

Madelyne Williams

The little girl who pushed herself out of her wheelchair to cross the finish line at the 2013 Cleveland Triathlon on her own 2 feet is ready for her next big adventure – meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Madelyne Williams, 9, of Kent, Ohio, will represent Akron Children’s Hospital at this year’s “Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day” June 24, sponsored by the Children’s Hospital Association.

A new surprise: Being admitted in the PICU

Holding mommy

I never thought the morning I brought my daughter to Akron Children’s ER that I would still be sitting here in the hospital, 31 days later. The first week of May I started to notice some signs that concerned me. Harper was paler than normal, coughing, but not a sick cough, and didn’t seem like herself. I called her cardiologist to get his opinion. He said it sounded like her failure was getting worse, which was expected. He wanted her cough checked out to make sure nothing else was going on.