Twins pregnancy transforms Akron Children’s employee into patient

Miriam (left) and Ilana at 2 months. They were born April 16, 2014.

When I first started working at Akron Children’s Hospital, I never thought I would become a patient. I’m an adult, so what place do I have as a patient? Well, everything changed in fall 2013 when I learned I was pregnant with twins.

Compassion overshadows difficult blood draw for New Philadelphia family


As an employee of Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics’ New Philadelphia office, I already know what a wonderful group of people I work with. And as a parent of an ACHP patient I know I am blessed to have so many people on staff at our pediatrician’s office  who truly care about my children. My son, Aaron […]

Cervical cerclage and bed rest gave Noah a fighting chance


Noah started out while he was in the womb having a hard time. I was 18 weeks and 6 cm dilated. I had to get a cervical cerclage to save Noah and be on complete bed rest. Even with that he had a 50/50 chance.

A moment of honesty from this mother

3 siblings

I’m going to begin this post by saying that I am going to be honest. Some of what I say might not make sense to you, but if other moms of kids with Down syndrome or any other medical issue are reading this, I want them to know they are not alone when they have […]

Why distance shouldn’t matter when choosing the best hospital for your child

Maddie Burgett

On Wednesday, September 17th my twin daughter Maddie was sad about her dog being sick. She was petting her and the dog decided to bite her in the face.

NICU grad 31 years later

Casey Newman and Charlotte

I have been reading Akron Children’s blog for a while now, and I always get a special sense of pride when I read about patient success stories and grateful families. I want to share my story too. I am writing to say thank you. I am not writing as a thankful parent or family member, but as a NICU graduate now 31 years old.