On any given day, you’ll see more than doctors and nurses making rounds to patient rooms. You’ll see dogs, cookie carts, even a miniature pony. Not to mention, the most colorful, kid-friendly helicopter around. This is the lighter side of care at Akron Children’s.

No time for everyday aches and pains for Howland boy during “Pilot for a Day” experience

Ethan Hofmann is Pilot for a Day

For Ethan Hoffman, there’s something about slipping on a flight suit that seems to make the everyday aches and pains go away – at least for a few hours. The 12-year-old Howland resident, who’s being treated at Akron Children’s Hospital for Bartter’s syndrome, a rare and incurable kidney disease, and his parents were treated to […]

Day rehab program helps Jordan move forward by leaps and bounds

Megs and Jordan visit with Victory Gallop volunteer Toril and Petie the Pony

Jordan has officially hit the ground running (with his braces and walker) in Akron Children’s day rehab program, which we call Muscle School. We are beyond blessed to have a program that will allow children to receive such an extensive amount of therapy after surgery. Dr. Baird first mentioned it when we met in January. […]

RubberDucks are a huge hit with our patients

The RubberDucks invited Isaac, 11, and all other patients to a home game when they are feeling better.

Akron Children’s Hospital and Canal Park are separated only by the Ohio & Erie Canal. So it has become a regular treat to see members of the Double A Akron RubberDucks stroll over the canal bridge to visit our patients – with souvenir bats in tow. Their most recent visit on June 19 included pitcher […]

Kids love to laugh, even when they’re sick

Dr. Michael Bigham and Mason Clemmer

In the 1998 movie Patch Adams, Robin Williams portrayed the story of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams and his book, Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter. The gist of the story – and Dr. Adams’ approach to medicine in real life – is that his patients’ health improves when laughter and compassion are included as […]

Create Heal Inspire 2015

Dance Unlimited

Each year Akron Children’s Emily Cooper Welty Expressive Therapy Center dedicates a night to showcase some of the hard work and outcomes of the many therapy sessions that occur throughout the year. These works include a variety of visual art, dance, music and poetry – all created by patients, family members and staff. On May […]

Our favorite photos: May 2015

Jack's smile makes us smile. Learn more about how palliative care helps families like the Cleavengers to cope with chronic and complex conditions. http://bit.ly/1HsDLuk

Social media is so fast-paced we’d hate for you to miss some of our best photos. Here are a few from May.