On any given day, you’ll see more than doctors and nurses making rounds to patient rooms. You’ll see dogs, cookie carts, even a miniature pony. Not to mention, the most colorful, kid-friendly helicopter around. This is the lighter side of care at Akron Children’s.

Some bunny loves our patients

With a hop, skip and jump, the Easter Bunny visited patients at Akron Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, bringing smiles to everyone she encountered.

Our Favorite Photos in March

8-month-old Natalie has a feisty personality and charming smile despite spending 2/3 of her life in the hospital so far. The PICU has become home for the Livengoods as she fights Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. They share the ongoing battle to get their little girl in her own bed: http://bit.ly/1C316uf

Social media is so fast-paced we’d hate for you to miss some of our best photos. Here are a few from March.

Gift bags brighten patient stays at Akron Children’s Hospital


New sights, new sounds, unfamiliar procedures. A hospital stay can be an intimidating experience for little ones. To help take a bit of the sting away from time spent in the hospital, Akron Children’s Hospital is giving away tote bags donated by Kohl’s Cares®, filled with age-appropriate goodies to patients age 6 to 9.

Purple Power creates conversation about epilepsy

Akron Children's neurology team displays Purple Power for epilepsy awareness

Purple shirts. Purple ties. Purple scrubs, sweaters and dresses. Akron Children’s neurology and neurodevelopmental science team celebrated Purple Day, an international grassroots effort to build awareness for epilepsy.

Our Favorite Photos in February

Hazel – the super service dog – and Kheira are quickly becoming good friends. http://bit.ly/1wZdBEQ

Social media is so fast-paced we’d hate for you to miss some of our best photos. Here are a few from February and links to their stories.

Oscar worthy, for both their style and pediatric care

Just call him "Dr. Bow Tie," as a few of his patient do. Dr. Cohen, director of Neurology, began wearing bow ties while living in New York City in his late 20s. ""I like them because they are a bit different and not status quo. They are also fun to tie."

Sunday is Oscar night and, in Hollywood, they will be rolling out the red carpet for stars dropping names like Valentino, Chanel, Dior and McQueen. At Akron Children’s Hospital, we combine style with mission. Our clothing choices typically communicate 2 things – “We love our jobs” and “We love kids.” Take a look at a few of Akron Children’s own style makers.