From the way we build connections with our patients to the way we push the limits of medicine, working at Akron Children’s Hospital is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Hospital launches first cohort of nursing residency program

Akron Children’s is excited to announce a brand new program for newly hired nurses called the University Health System Consortium and American Association of Colleges of Nursing (UHC/AACN) Nurse Residency Program (NRP). The program’s aim is to enhance the knowledge and skills learned in the hospital’s traditional nursing orientation program while focusing on helping newly graduated nurses with the transition from student nurse to a professional role.

A day in the life of Akron Children’s CEO

He has been at the helm of Akron Children’s for 36 years and CEO William Considine’s leadership philosophy has never wavered. Service above self is a mantra he lives by and it’s evident in the culture he has helped create for employees.

For Dr. Jennifer Burkam, it’s all in the details

The first things you may notice about Dr. Jennifer Burkam, our new pediatrician at Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics in Green, is her kind personality and warm smile. The one detail people often miss is how she spells her last name, without an ‘h.’

Hiking, hayrides, pumpkin patches & football top our lists of fall favorites

There’s still time to get your fall fix. But, don’t wait. It’s fleeting. Winter is around the corner … and Count Chocula is only on the shelves for a limited time. Akron Children’s employees share their own fall favorite things:

Childhood taught child psychiatrist how to connect with patients

They say events that happen in a person’s childhood – even seemingly insignificant ones – can directly impact how that person feels and acts as an adult. For our newest child psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Neilan, perhaps growing up with 3 older brothers taught her how to connect with others. Or, maybe the goodness of her […]

Pediatric surgeon comes full circle

Pediatric surgeon Avraham Schlager still remembers the anticipation he felt awaiting surgery as an 11-year-old boy at NYU Hospital. The day not only influenced his interest in pediatric surgery, but also introduced him to a surgeon who he would later work alongside as a resident surgeon 20 years later.