Week in Korea ends with international symposium on pediatric palliative care

Our wonderful week in South Korea culminated with the International Symposium on Pediatric Palliative Care, entitled, “Innovations in Pediatric Palliative Care.” The day opened with Yoon-Kyong Lee, the bereaved mother of Hye-in Doh, talking about her daughter’s battle with a brain tumor and how things were on their journey before and after meeting Ae Ran […]

After much sight-seeing, we spend time presenting and strategizing about pediatric palliative care

Dr. Friebert and I have been taken to many of the beautiful, historical sites in Seoul, South Korea. One of my favorite trips included the Changdeok and Gyeongbokgung Palaces. In 1395, a few years after the Joseon Dynasty was founded by Yi Seong-gye, the main royal palace construction was completed and the capital moved from […]

A visit to Severance Hospital reveals high-tech environment and cultural influence

We started our day with a tour of Severance Hospital.  Severance Hospital was established in 1885 by a missionary doctor from the United States named Dr. Horace Allen.  It was originally named “Kwanghyewon,” meaning “House of Extended Grace.” The name was changed to Severance Hospital after the hospital received a large financial donation from the […]

Taking part in the Korean culture

After a long, but enjoyable, flight we arrived in Seoul, South Korea (the capital city)!  We were warmly welcomed by Ae Ran Hwang and a small group of women who are all part of the conference planning committee.  The committee has people from many disciplines from their pediatric hospice and palliative care teams, including nursing, […]

Conference in South Korea to examine innovations in pediatric palliative care

I am a nurse practitioner in the Haslinger Pediatric Palliative Care Center at Akron Children’s Hospital. Dr. Sarah Friebert, our director, and I have been invited as expert speakers at a conference called “Innovations in Pediatric Palliative Care” in Seoul, South Korea. A colleague of ours, Erin Whipple, a child life specialist at MetroHealth Medical […]