Why distance shouldn’t matter when choosing the best hospital for your child

Maddie Burgett

On Wednesday, September 17th my twin daughter Maddie was sad about her dog being sick. She was petting her and the dog decided to bite her in the face.

Getting to know Dr. Ananth Murthy

Dr. Ananth Murthy: My proudest moments have been gifted to me like the birth of my daughters, however, I have yet to ACHIEVE my proudest accomplishment.

Akron Children’s Hospital is fortunate to have such a smart, talented and compassionate pediatric plastic surgeon as Dr. Ananth Murthy. Dr. Murthy grew up in Stow, Ohio, and attended medical school at Northeast Ohio Medical University, but got a taste of big city life while doing his craniofacial surgery fellowship at the Children’s Hospital Boston and then moving onto practice at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC.