Haitian toddler had angels in Akron this holiday season


We often hear words like “joy,” “blessing” and “good will” during the holidays. They are in our greeting cards and the songs of the season, but sometimes they become more than just words.

Helping Haiti: ‘We’ve done really some good work’

Dr. Ellen Kempf examines 2-year-old Nyderson Deris, who was brought to Akron Children's from Haiti for surgery to repair his heart defect.

Since making his first trip to Haiti in 2010, following that country’s devastating earthquake, Dr. Jeff Kempf has been humbled by the progress made by his Akron Children’s Hospital team and a larger coalition that now includes five other U.S. children’s hospitals.

Diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot at 3 days old


During the nine months of pregnancy no one noticed a thing wrong with any ultrasounds or the baby’s heartbeat.

Our miracle – Presley thriving after being born with severe heart defects

My son, Presley, was born with congestive heart failure, VSD, and tetralogy of fallot. He had his first open heart surgery when he was 5 1/2 months old, and his second when he was 2. Dr. Grace Smith has been Presley’s cardiologist since he was 2 months old. She is great and has always been […]

Motherhood brings Joy, Grace and Faith to woman with congenital heart defect

Debbie McFarland with Joy, 6, Grace, 5, and Faith, 14 months

Born with a heart defect, Debbie McFarland underwent numerous heart surgeries throughout her life, and was told she shouldn’t become pregnant. But then, she came to the Akron Children’s Hospital Heart Center, and found that her type of congenital heart defect, known as Tetralogy of Fallot, did not pose a high risk during pregnancy. Under the […]